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Your Entrepreneur Archetype is the:

Hey there fellow Explorer

Your purpose in this life is to enjoy freedom, adventure, and discovery. You're here to blaze your own path. Press the play button to learn more about what your entrepreneur archetype means and how you can use it to create the business of your dreams.

So let's chat about what make you, YOU! And how you can use that to not only create the business of your dreams but also scale it in a way that feels good to you! Because let's be honest, you don't really like to do what everyone else is doing. You built your business so you could live life on your terms!

your Explorer Archetype Strengths


You stay true to yourself even when it would be easier to go with the crowd


You know you are destined for more & you aren't willing to settle


You are naturally curious and often dive head first into whatever your interest is at the time

Observant & analytical

You spend a lot of time in your mind investigating new ideas

You may struggle with aimless wandering and find it difficult to truly pick a direction and stick with it. Ultimately there is a fear of commitment....

This is because you fear becoming trapped. The last thing you want is for your dream business to become your prison. You dream of freedom and flexibility and deep down you understand that even if it's your own business, you run the risk of boxing yourself in and conforming to societal norms.

But I'm sure you know...

We all have our downfalls

Here are some weak spots that you will want to keep a lookout for...

Here's what to do instead

Because you value autonomy, independence, and freedom, you dislike repetitive or highly structured tasks and fear a business that corners you into a monotonous hole.

What you need to do is find what lights your soul up and commit to it! No matter how scary it may seem to commit to one idea, just do it and dive all in. There will always be more ideas out there but the best one will only be the one that you actually commit to. 

Next, you need to plan out and execute a business plan that sets you up for freedom and flexibility! And that's what I want to show you how to do.

Listen up!

This is what you need to know to create the business of your dreams that allows you to live life on your terms! 

You can have it all! You just need to know where to start. 

The Explorer business structure

Here is how you can create and structure your business to give you the freedom and flexibility you yearn for while also opening up your ability to continue to expand and change with time.

1  —

Automated Course

To truly build a business that is in alignment with your goals and dreams, you need to a business plan that allows for freedom and flexibility. While some may lean more toward group programs and live launches, you really need a structure that allows you to hide out in the background and pop in whenever you see fit. A fully automated, evergreen course is just the fit for you to make your mark in the world. 

2  —

Evergreen Sales Funnel

Here is the real ticket to allowing you to create a profitable online course without creating a prison inside of your business. You don't want to be tied down and that's the magic of an evergreen funnel. Not sure what an evergreen sales funnel is or where to get started?  No stress my friend, I've got you! Make sure to keep an eye out in your inbox and add me to your contact list - I'll be sending over my top resources & recommendations for creating an effective funnel. 

3 —

Dialed in Marketing Plan

Next, you need to have a dialed-in marketing plan so you can make the most of your time and effort in creating content that truly speaks to your audience. So many people have no clear direction when it comes to their marketing material and so it all ends in a lot of wasted time and effort. But like I said, don't stress! I've got you, keep your eye out for me popping into your inbox.

The Build, Scale, Sell Framework is our 3-step system to build the profitable business of your dreams. Based on your answers you are currently in the Build phase - your focus should be on building a signature framework that you can scale and sell on repeat. 

So what does this look like? First, you need to outline your framework. This is the same methodology you use with one-on-one clients to get a specific result. Most likely you've already developed this, you just need to get clear on it.

Next is beginning to outline this framework in a way that can drive results on repeat without any time or effort on your half. This phase also includes selecting the correct platform that can house your course / program, email marketing, sales and all other necessary automations for you to build the flexible business of your dreams!

Not sure which course platform to choose?

Look I've used a lot of different course platforms out there for both myself and my clients but I have to say my favorite is Kartra! The best part? It's SO much more than just a course platform. It is the all-in-one program for all your online business needs.

funnels & campaigns
Web Pages
quizzes & surveys
Integration & APis
Hey there, I'm madi!

I help health and wellness entrepreneurs to build, scale, and sell the businesses of their dreams through course creation, web design, and social media strategies.

Everything I share is based on running my own nutrition practice for 6 years and since then helping dozens of other practitioners and coaches to do the same!

I'm a dreamer and a doer and nothing lights me up quite like helping you to hit your goals and live out your dream life. That's why I am so happy you took this quiz and came into my world today!

I know you can make a big impact in the world and still live a life on your terms and I'm excited to show you just how to do that!

Let's take a moment to celebrate!

You're on the right track! Now here is what you need to know before we wave goodbye (for now).

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