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  • Focused on four KPI metrics for Instagram: Increasing followers, reach, engagement, and website traffic through CTA's.

  • Directed engaged followers to supplement dispensary and health challenges to increase conversion and monetization. 

  • Increased reach through trending audio and specific IG reel strategy integration.

  • Created viral reel under community hashtags that led to direct sales leads.

  • Created custom content for Instagram including photo carousels, videos, graphics and industry and event-specific Instagram Stories.

  • Directed engaged followers to DM's as direct leads for sales.

  • Assisted client in strategizing lead magnet opt-ins, course content creation and strategies for lead generation and conversion.

  • Currently focusing on potential niche and strategies for passive income and increased bookings

Nurse Georgie Health - Social media management

Online and In-person health consults 

Goal: Create high quality, informative graphic posts, Increase followers and reach, Increase dispensary sales and bookings for consults and challenges through 'Calls To Action'

Result: Increased reached by 75.4%, increased profile visits by 155% and increased website visits by 104%, broke record for highest views on a reel, currently working on strategy for opt-ins and list building for future course launch

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Social Media Management
Health & Wellness

Nurse georgie health

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