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Let's Bring your vision to Life!

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so let's make it a good one!

Ways We Can Work Together

Design & MArketing for the Modern Entrepreneur

Trust me, I get it! If you're here, it's probably because you're a lot like me. You're an entrepreneur at heart and making your dream business really happen is your top priority. You have a gift you want to share to better the world but to make that happen you need an online home, brand and strategy that speaks your ideal clients' language and brings them to your services.

The problem is it can take a lot of time, trial and error and wasted money (yes missing out on clients' is wasted money!) when you try to DIY it all on your own. An "okay" website is just "okay" but a beautiful site that checks all your boxes, speaks directly to your ideal audience and CONVERTS is absolutely priceless. Let us do the backend work so you can spend your time focusing on what you do best so you can chase your dreams with confidence. 

Madi has been the marketing expert I desperately needed and never thought I’d be able to find. I truly couldn’t be more grateful for the expertise she brings. Working with her is seamless in every way! It’s difficult to find someone like Madi who really listens, and doesn’t need her hand held. She consistently delivers quality social media graphics and creative posts which have helped my instagram grow organically and reach my ideal audience. She brought my website to life and was able to capture exactly what I was desiring, even though I had a hard time articulating it. She delivers projects on time and has fantastic communication throughout. She’s always willing to go the extra mile and is a joy to work with! 10/10 would recommend for any social media or website design project, large or small! 

-Jensen, Test don't guess

Here's how I can help you elevate your brand

REady to take your business to the next level?

No more wasted time and money on business assets that are just okay! You deserve an online home, brand and strategy that you can't wait to share with the world! And I'm here to give you just that, so you can keep your time and energy on doing what you do best!

Step 1 - Discovery

After you fill out the contact form, we will set up a time to hop on a call & learn more about each other. I will see how I can help YOU and learn more about why you are wanting to work with me. If we decide we are a match, I will send over all of the next steps (which includes a project proposal, contract, project timeline and on-boarding kit.)

Step 2 - Creation

When it’s time to begin the project, we will start with an online meeting where we will take a deep dive into your business. This is where we will get clear on your purpose, goals, dream clients, competitors and more. Everything discussed in this session, your on-boarding paperwork and through my own research will stand as a framework as I begin to craft an initial version of your brand guide, website mockups, ad creatives or other project assets.

step 3 - REfine 

After we have the initial drafts, we’ll make any necessary edits to refine the designs, copywrite and marketing strategies to meet your needs and goals. All along the way, you’ll be able to provide feedback and request revisions. It’s important to me that your brand, website and social platforms feels like an accurate reflection of you and your business, so we’ll continue to work together until every piece is exactly how you want it before launching.

step 4 - LAunch

When it’s finally time to share your new website, brand, or digital presence with the world (woohoo!), I will assist you in creating a successful launch. You will also recieve post-launch support and maintenance along with educational videos that will help you to feel confident in navigating and editing your site. With ads, I will be there to assess the campaigns and adjust as needed all along the way.

Here's how it works

Does this sound like you?

Meet Madi
Big on mountains, plants, spiritual Woo-Woo & deep conversations with real people.
My path to design & marketing wasn't the most straight forward (blame it on my Gemini Rising). After years of practicing as a nutritionist, I realized my real love lied in business - both the strategy and the aesthetics. When that new found love combined with my life long love of art (which I majored in, in college), the stars aligned and I found my true calling. Helping other business owners find their brand identity and attract their dream clients through beautiful websites & targeted ads.

Because trust me, I've been right where you are. Building a brand is hard because it needs to capture exactly who you are while also speaking directly to your dream audience. It's a deeply personal and meaningful thing, especially to place in the hands of someone else. The top priority is capturing you and your mission and displaying it through your brand so you can truly take your business to the next level. You deserve more than just an online home for your brand but rather a place to call home for you and your community. One that displays exactly who you are, what you do and most importantly what you stand for. And in addition, one that doesn't take months of work, frustration, tech issues and trial and error. 

Why Madi Miller Creative?

That's why we are here! Madi Miller Creative is here to take your business to the next level! Through custom built websites (that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to use and high converting), unforgettable branding and strategic ad strategies, we will help your dream brand not only come to life but also flourish! We love helping you elevate your business and brand experience so you can continue to keep your time, energy and focus on doing what you're best at!

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