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Prioritizing Self-Care and Building Resilience

Prioritizing Self-Care and Building Resilience

As the seasons change and the first snowflakes begin to fall, there's a certain magic in the air that ignites a sense of nostalgia and excitement. In a recent podcast conversation, the mention of snow in Norway sparked unexpected feelings of longing for winter—a sentiment rarely experienced. The anticipation of snowfall, while present, is tempered by the hope for a longer autumn, a sentiment shared by many. Against this backdrop of seasonal transitions, I had the pleasure of reconnecting with a remarkable individual whose insights into business and personal growth never fail to inspire.

Reflecting on past conversations and the topics at hand, I found myself eagerly anticipating the exchange ahead. The conversation promises to delve into the multifaceted journey of navigating both business and personal growth, a journey fraught with challenges yet brimming with opportunities for learning and development. Join me as we embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, guided by the wisdom and experiences of our esteemed guests.

Violetta Znorkowski's Journey to Emotional Mastery and Self-Leadership

Violetta Znorkowski's path to becoming a beacon of emotional mastery and self-leadership in the health and wellness sphere is deeply rooted in her experiences in outdoor and experiential education. For nearly a decade, she immersed herself in this male-dominated field, leading expeditions, climbing, backpacking, and navigating challenges across the globe. Despite the enriching nature of her work, she faced unexpected hurdles, particularly as a young woman navigating the complexities of leadership in developing countries. Violetta's journey was a profound exploration of self-discovery and resilience, as she grappled with the disparities of privilege and the emotional toll of relentless pressure.

Working within systems that often failed to foster true equity and support, Violetta found herself confronting a myriad of internal and external obstacles. Her struggles mirrored those of many women in similar environments, compounded by the weight of societal expectations and her own quest for recognition and achievement. Over time, the accumulation of stress and unmet expectations led her to a profound realization: despite her outward success, she was teetering on the brink of burnout, her emotional well-being compromised by years of neglect and relentless perseverance. This pivotal moment marked a turning point in Violetta's journey—a moment of reckoning that propelled her toward a deeper understanding of emotional resilience and the importance of self-care in leadership and personal growth.

Navigating Business and Personal Growth 

Violetta Znorkowski delves into the intricate balance between personal growth and the demands of entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of anchoring oneself amidst the inevitable stresses of business. She challenges the notion that success must be hard-earned, advocating instead for a more harmonious approach to goal achievement—one that doesn't sacrifice emotional well-being in pursuit of professional milestones. Violetta acknowledges the multifaceted challenges inherent in entrepreneurship, from managing unpredictable factors to juggling responsibilities across various facets of life. She prompts reflection on how individuals can maintain groundedness and resilience amidst the uncertainties of business ownership.

Violetta's insights resonate deeply with many entrepreneurs who grapple with the relentless pursuit of success at the expense of their emotional and physical health. She shares her personal journey of confronting this struggle and rediscovering the significance of self-awareness and emotional authenticity in business endeavors. Through candid self-reflection, Violetta recognizes the tendency to disconnect from oneself in the pursuit of productivity, noting how perpetual to-do lists can serve as a means of avoidance. Her exploration underscores the importance of setting goals without attaching rigid expectations, allowing space for personal growth while prioritizing mental and emotional well-being. This delicate balance, she suggests, is essential for cultivating a sustainable and fulfilling entrepreneurial journey.

Managing Stress in Business

Violetta Znorkowski candidly shares her experience navigating stress management, particularly in the context of her autoimmune condition. Despite her background as a nutritionist and commitment to a healthy lifestyle, she grapples with the realization that stress significantly impacts her physical well-being. Through introspection, Violetta acknowledges the tendency to downplay the role of stress in her health challenges, a sentiment likely shared by many who prioritize productivity over self-care. She vulnerably discloses her current struggle with psoriasis outbreaks triggered by stress, highlighting the urgency of implementing effective stress management techniques.

In seeking solutions, Violetta explores various strategies, including deep breathing exercises and self-affirmation, to mitigate the impact of stress on her health and business endeavors. She acknowledges the inherent difficulty in prioritizing self-care amidst the demands of entrepreneurship but emphasizes the importance of incorporating small yet meaningful practices into daily routines. Violetta's transparency invites empathy from the audience, many of whom may relate to the delicate balance between professional responsibilities and personal well-being. Her inquiry solicits valuable advice and insights, fostering a supportive dialogue around effective stress management in the entrepreneurial journey.

Building Tolerance to Discomfort

Violetta Znorkowski advocates for a gradual approach to confronting emotional discomfort, emphasizing the importance of building tolerance gently over time. She advises listeners to engage in practices like meditation and conscious breathing, starting with short intervals and progressively extending the duration. By allowing brief moments of discomfort, individuals can train their nervous system and mind-body connection to withstand challenging emotions without becoming overwhelmed.

Moreover, Violetta underscores the significance of creating a safe environment conducive to inner exploration. Whether seeking professional guidance or establishing a comforting space at home, individuals are encouraged to surround themselves with elements that evoke a sense of security and tranquility. This external and internal safety measure is crucial in preventing feelings of shame or inadequacy that may arise during the process of confronting discomfort. By gradually acclimating to vulnerability and nurturing a supportive environment, individuals can cultivate resilience and develop the skills necessary to navigate emotional challenges effectively. Through her gentle and compassionate approach, Violetta offers a roadmap for embracing discomfort and fostering emotional growth.

Exploring Emotional Discomfort and Self-Protection Mechanisms

In this segment, Violetta Znorkowski addresses a common challenge many individuals face: difficulty accessing buried emotions and discomfort. The individual expresses frustration over their inability to elicit emotional responses, even when engaging in practices like deep breathing and meditation. Despite recognizing the presence of unresolved emotions, they struggle to connect with them on an emotional level. Violetta offers insightful guidance, emphasizing the importance of accepting the current state without fixating on forcing emotional responses. She suggests that the desire to feel certain emotions may inadvertently push them further away, highlighting the need to trust the unfolding process.

According to Violetta, attempting to force emotional responses can hinder genuine introspection and hinder progress. Instead, she encourages individuals to cultivate patience and acceptance of their current emotional landscape. By relinquishing the pressure to feel a certain way, individuals can create space for authentic emotional exploration to naturally unfold. This approach fosters a deeper connection with oneself and allows for a more organic process of healing and growth. Through her compassionate perspective, Violetta offers reassurance to those struggling with emotional accessibility, reminding them that progress occurs through acceptance and trust in the journey.

Trusting the Process

Violetta Znorkowski reflects on her journey, highlighting pivotal moments where she learned to prioritize self-care and adapt to unexpected opportunities. Initially trained as a nutritionist, she encountered challenges with maintaining healthy emotional boundaries while working with clients on a one-on-one basis. Recognizing the need for a change, she took a leap of faith and embraced a new path without clear expectations. Venturing into digital marketing and web design through mentorship programs, Violetta found fulfillment in assisting other nutritionists with their business endeavors. This transition, though daunting at first, ultimately proved to be the best decision she could have made. Through her experience, Violetta emphasizes the importance of letting go of rigid expectations and trusting in the unfolding process.

In her reflections, Violetta underscores the transformative power of surrendering control and embracing uncertainty. Despite the initial apprehension and pressure to achieve specific goals, she discovered that relinquishing the need for constant control led to serendipitous outcomes. By adopting a mindset of trust and acceptance, Violetta found that opportunities arose organically, often exceeding her initial expectations. A recent example illustrates this phenomenon, as she received an unexpected request to design a website precisely when she least expected it. Through her story, Violetta inspires others to cultivate resilience and resilience by embracing the unknown and trusting in the inherent wisdom of the journey.

Prioritizing Self-Care and Building Resilience

Violetta Znorkowski emphasizes the importance of prioritizing self-care and investing in personal well-being without delay. She challenges the common mindset of postponing self-care practices until certain conditions are met, such as earning more money or achieving specific milestones. Instead, she advocates for viewing oneself as inherently deserving of care and attention, irrespective of external achievements. This shift in perspective represents a significant practice in itself, highlighting the need to recognize one's worthiness of self-care in the present moment.

To address the challenge of feeling unsafe to rest, Violetta offers tangible advice on practicing true relaxation. She recommends engaging in activities that promote deep rest, such as Yogic Nidra, a laying down meditation technique. This practice allows individuals to immerse themselves in a state of profound relaxation, free from the distractions of the outside world. By prioritizing moments of genuine rest, individuals can cultivate a sense of worthiness and prioritize their health and well-being without guilt or hesitation. Through these practices, Violetta encourages individuals to embrace self-care as an essential aspect of personal development and overall fulfillment.

Interview with Violetta Znorkowski

In this segment, Violetta Znorkowski shares her contact information and offers valuable resources for those seeking support in managing stress and enhancing performance. She invites listeners to connect with her on social media platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn, under the handle "Expand and Impact" and her name, Violette Narok, respectively. Additionally, Violetta mentions that she provides five modern meditations tailored for high performers, emphasizing that these practices can be integrated seamlessly into daily routines without the need for traditional sitting meditation. As the discussion transitions, she underscores the significance of her podcast, which not only delves into business-related topics but also emphasizes personal growth and development within the context of entrepreneurship.

Violetta's approach highlights the interconnectedness between business success and individual well-being, acknowledging the importance of self-improvement in the pursuit of professional goals. By offering accessible resources and fostering a supportive community through her podcast, she seeks to empower listeners to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship while prioritizing their mental and emotional health. Through her holistic approach, Violetta encourages individuals to embrace personal growth as an integral part of their business journey, fostering resilience and sustainable success in the face of challenges.


In conclusion, this insightful podcast with Violetta Znorkowski sheds light on the journey of emotional mastery and self-leadership within the realms of personal and professional growth. Through candid conversations and practical advice, Violetta emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and managing stress, building tolerance to discomfort, and prioritizing self-care in the pursuit of success. Her experiences and reflections offer valuable insights into navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship while maintaining mental and emotional well-being.

Furthermore, Violetta's emphasis on vulnerability and authenticity underscores the power of acknowledging and expressing emotions, particularly in moments of nervousness or uncertainty. By embracing vulnerability and openly discussing feelings of nervousness, individuals can alleviate pressure and foster a sense of connection and understanding. This approach highlights the importance of self-awareness and communication in cultivating resilience and building supportive networks.

Ultimately, Violetta's wisdom encourages listeners to trust the process, prioritize self-care, and embrace authenticity on their journey toward personal and professional fulfillment. As we reflect on her insights, may we find inspiration to navigate life's challenges with courage, compassion, and authenticity, recognizing that vulnerability is not a weakness but a strength that fosters growth and connection.

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