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Slowing Down to Create an Aligned Business

Have you ever felt as though there is a constant to-do list in your business?

And the more you hustle, the more value you have?

Well, the truth is, that's an old-school way of thinking...

When we actually prioritize taking the time to slow down in our business and embrace not just the masculine energies but also the feminine ones as well, we are able to tap into our creative abilities.

Because to create the business of your dreams, you need both. You need to first dream up the brilliant and unique ideas before you can execute them!

This was one of the many pieces of the beautiful conversation I had with Heather from Enchantment Creek Herbs today on the Podcast.

Heather is an herbalist with an amazing line of wild-crafted herbs. Her herbal medicine is truly one of the best out there and I would recommend giving it a try for you and your clients!

Our conversation flowed easily and naturally. It was refreshing to feel so in sync with someone while talking about all things business, health, wellness, and spirituality.

Catch this episode today on Spotify, Apple or Youtube. And please make sure to subscribe and leave a rating and review ❤

P.S. If you are ready for support and collaboration throughout the journey of building and scaling your practice, make sure to join me and other health and wellness practitioners inside of our private FB community, The Profitable Practice

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