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Astrological Business Forecast for September 2023

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Am I the only one that loves using astrology in my business?!

It seriously makes such a big impact knowing what energies are coming my way and how I can work with them instead of against them. Knowing when to put my head down and do the work and when to step into my creative, flowing side makes my work in my business that much more efficient.

In this new monthly episode of The Profitable Practitioner Podcast, Joann Stoneberg dives into what is going on in the stars for the month of September 2023 and how those energies might affect you and your business.

September 2023 starts off a bit slower, asking us to take a moment to pause and prepare for the energies that lay ahead further in the month.

A new moon in Virgo on Sept. 14 asks us to manifest the structures, discipline, and organization that we want in our work and careers.

The first quarter moon, the sun entering Libra and the autumn equinox all fall on September 22 giving us the energy of 'keep going you got this' while also pushing us to build new relationships and connections in our life and business.

A full moon in Aries lands on the 29th, giving us a surge of energy to move forward and accomplish the goals that we have set out for in our business.

Get the full breakdown and all the details for the month ahead inside the episode.

Listen on Spotify, Apple, or Youtube!

If you are ready to learn more about astrology, you can⁠ join Joann inside of her online astrology class here ⁠

If you are ready to join a community of like-minded health and wellness practitioners for business support and collaboration, ⁠join us inside of the private Profitable Practitioner Community here!

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