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From Brick-and-Mortar to Online Course Creation

In this conversation, I sat down with my current client, former boss, and friend, Jennifer Nelson-Hawks of Jennifer Hawks Health.

Jennifer is a dedicated advocate of natural medicine and holistic health and wellness. Jennifer's passion for helping others started at a young age when she saw firsthand the power of natural medicine. After spending the first decade of her career in traditional medicine, Jennifer became disheartened by the band-aid approach to symptom management and began her journey to holistic health and wellness.

With years of education and experience, she is now a Board-Certified Doctor of Naturopathy, a Bio-Resonance Practitioner, an Iridologist, and an IASIS Practitioner. In 2013, she founded a full functional Holistic Wellness center, and now solely focuses her full attention on Jennifer Hawks Health, where she provides a safe space for women, in person or virtually, to take back their health naturally and uncover the root cause of their health issues. Jennifer is committed to helping women achieve a healthier, happier version of themselves by living through the power of their own health.

We chatted all about her journey through entrepreneurship. How she started her brick-and-mortar wellness center in Jackson, Wyoming, and the journey of then selling that business and moving to online course creation for her new business, Jennifer Hawks Health.

Currently, Jen and I are creating her new 9-week signature program 'The Revitalized Gut' which will officially begin on September 25, 2023. This online program helps motivated women to kick digestion, weight, and energy imbalances so they can get back to living life at its fullest.

Check out the podcast here or watch it on Youtube.

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