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5 free ways to validate your course topic

When it comes to creating an online course, it's important to know that your topic is something that people are interested in and would be willing to pay for. There are lots of different ways to do this, one of which is building a course around something that you already help one-on-one clients with.

But what if you want to create a course around a topic that you aren't working with one-on-one clients with? How do you know it is a profitable idea?

Here are 5 free ways to validate your course topic:

#1 - Use Google

One way to validate your topic is to search for it on Google. Type into the search bar what your ideal client might be searching for related to your niche pain points and goals. Then, and this is important, take note of the search terms that populate as you are typing in the search bar. This will give you insight into the exact topics and language your ideal clients is using when they are searching the internet for solutions.

This can be incredibly helpful because not only are you validating whether people out there are looking for solutions related to your niche. But you also are gaining insight into your ideal client's language which will be gold when it comes to creating your sales page and marketing materials.

#2 - People Also Ask

When you make your Google search, take the time to scroll down to the section where it says 'people also ask'.

This information will help add even more insight into needs, wants, and language related to your course topic.

#3 - Facebook Groups

Now that you have your ideal client's language, you can search for Facebook Groups where they may be hanging out related to your idea.

Look for groups of over 5,000 people. Search through and see what they are posting about and looking for help with related to your niche.

#4 - Search for Books on Amazon

Another great way to validate your idea and get feedback on what to include in your course is to search for books related to your course topic.

When you search for your topic, you are looking for there to be quite a few books relating to the subject. This shows that there is a genuine interest.

Another important piece here is to look through the reviews of each book. See what people loved and what they thought was missing. This will give you insight into what you should include in your actual course content.

#5 - Take Your Ideal Client to Coffee

What's better than to hear it directly from the source?

Choose someone who fits the criteria for your ideal client and ask if you can take them to coffee and ask them a few questions relating to a course you want to create. Ask them if the topic is something they would be interested in, what pain points and desires they have relating to it, and any other questions you may need to ask relating to your idea.

Make sure to take careful notes of their exact language. As I mentioned before, using your ideal client's exact language will make marketing so much more effective by speaking directly to them and helping them to understand that your product is the solution for them.

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