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Creating a Sales Process in Alignment with Who You Are

Creating a Sales Process in Alignment with Who You Are

The anticipation of this conversation is palpable, reflecting an eagerness to explore the realms of sales and the embodiment of femininity—a fusion often overlooked but undoubtedly potent. Welcoming our guests with warmth and gratitude, the exchange sets the stage for an enriching dialogue. As the conversation unfolds, a glimpse into the Colorado backdrop evokes a longing for warmer climates, sparking thoughts of a potential retreat to Maui—a testament to the quest for balance amidst the seasons of life. Amidst the banter, the host lays out the roadmap, inviting our guest, Charlett, to share her journey from Germany to the United States—a voyage marked by uncertainty, resilience, and unexpected opportunities.

Embarking on a quest for purpose at a tender age, Charlett's narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a transformative year in Australia, where challenges morphed into catalysts for growth, showcasing the boundless potential of trust and resourcefulness. As Charlett's journey converges on the shores of the United States, the stage is set for an exploration of resilience, reinvention, and the essence of feminine power intertwined with the art of sales.

Creating a Sales Process in Alignment with Who You Are

In the realm of sales, authenticity reigns supreme, and aligning one's

strategy with their true essence is paramount. Often, individuals fall into the trap of adopting someone else's blueprint for success, only to find themselves traversing a path that feels incongruent and dissonant with their core values. This misalignment not only breeds discomfort but also sabotages the mindset, rendering any strategy ineffective. The key, then, lies in discovering a sales process that resonates deeply with one's authentic self, harnessing individual strengths to propel growth and connection.

But where does one begin this journey of alignment? The answer lies in simplicity and focus—a concept epitomized by the power of one. Rather than dispersing energy across multiple platforms and methods, embracing a singular approach allows for depth, clarity, and sustained momentum. Whether it's leveraging social media, podcasting, or other communication channels, the emphasis rests on selecting a medium that aligns harmoniously with personal strengths and resonates with the target audience. Working alongside a coach can illuminate the path, offering guidance in navigating the myriad options and pinpointing the strategy that best embodies authenticity and resonance. Through this intentional alignment, not only does mindset shift, but also a sense of purpose and conviction emerges, propelling one toward success with unwavering clarity and authenticity.

Strengthening Mindset and Strategy for Sales 

Confidence is the bedrock of successful sales endeavors, rooted in a deep-seated belief in oneself and the value of one's offer. Strengthening mindset involves honing three core beliefs that underpin this confidence. Firstly, individuals must introspectively inquire: Do I believe in myself? Do I believe in my offer? And do I believe in my ability to deliver results? Without conviction in these fundamental aspects, the sales journey becomes an uphill battle, akin to swimming against a relentless current. However, by cultivating unwavering belief and alignment with one's offerings, a shift occurs—a transition from struggle to flow.

This transformation doesn't promise an effortless journey, but rather a sense of alignment and purpose that infuses each day with excitement and motivation. Finally, the belief in one's capacity to facilitate results for others completes the trifecta of core beliefs, urging individuals to reflect on personal stories and client successes to reinforce this conviction. Through this intentional focus on mindset and core beliefs, sales professionals can navigate their journey with clarity, confidence, and an unwavering commitment to delivering value.

Strengthening Core Beliefs and Building Confidence 

The journey towards confidence and certainty in sales often begins with recognizing and reinforcing personal evidence of impact. By documenting instances where one's advice or actions have positively influenced others, individuals can solidify their core beliefs in themselves, their offerings, and their ability to deliver results. This introspective exercise serves as a foundational step in building a resilient mindset primed for success in sales endeavors. Reflecting on personal anecdotes, such as experiences in different career paths, illuminates the importance of alignment between one's values and the products or services being promoted. For instance, the speaker shares a humorous anecdote about a brief stint as an insurance agent, highlighting the discomfort and lack of conviction in selling a product that felt incongruent with her beliefs. This anecdote underscores the significance of aligning sales efforts with personal values and passions, a crucial element in fostering a sales approach that feels authentic and compelling. Through this journey of self-discovery and alignment, individuals can transform their sales process from a daunting task into a natural expression of their genuine desire to help others achieve their goals.

Embracing Your Value and Finding the Path of Least Resistance

Recognizing and embracing one's inherent value is a pivotal step in aligning with a sales process that feels authentic and effortless. Often, individuals underestimate their worth, overlooking the innate talents and qualities that make them valuable to others. The speaker emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and valuing these innate strengths, rather than striving to conform to external expectations or standards. By identifying the aspects of life that come naturally and bring joy, individuals can tap into the path of least resistance, leveraging their unique strengths to attract success effortlessly. This philosophy extends beyond business to encompass various aspects of life, including relationships and personal finances.

Through daily exercises focused on activating one's identity and recognizing the ease and flow in different areas of life, individuals can cultivate a mindset of abundance and possibility. This shift in perspective empowers individuals to approach challenges with confidence and optimism, embracing the belief that success can be achieved through alignment with one's true self rather than through relentless effort and struggle. As individuals embrace their innate abilities and adopt a mindset of ease and flow, they become magnets for positivity and opportunity, leading to transformative shifts in both personal and professional realms.

The High-Impact Method for Sales

The "High Impact Method" introduced by the speaker offers a unique approach to sales, focusing on building confidence and certainty through embodied practices rather than traditional sales techniques. This method, rooted in coaching and emotion, emphasizes the importance of connecting with one's body to understand and overcome resistance. Through guided movement sequences and music, clients are encouraged to step into their power and visualize their goals physically, unlocking potential and addressing obstacles holistically.

The process begins with grounding oneself in their essence, embracing authenticity, and tapping into the creative magic of the womb space. By connecting with the heart and throat chakras, individuals open themselves to giving and receiving authentically, allowing for genuine expression without dilution or compromise. This holistic approach not only fosters confidence and certainty but also regulates the nervous system, enabling individuals to navigate fear and step out of their comfort zones with resilience and grace. By embodying their next version and embracing change, individuals can transcend limitations and unlock new possibilities in their sales journey.

Simplifying Your Business Strategy

The speaker emphasizes the simplicity and effectiveness of her business strategy, which enabled her to build a successful six-figure business with minimal resources. Rejecting the notion that extensive marketing tools are necessary for success, she advocates for a streamlined approach focused on consistency and value delivery. She recounts her journey of leveraging Facebook primarily, with additional use of Instagram and LinkedIn, to connect with her audience and share valuable content consistently.

Her corporate mentality of showing up consistently, regardless of her mood, contributed to her success. She emphasizes the importance of finding a rhythm that works and sticking to it, rather than succumbing to the pressure of adopting multiple platforms or strategies. Instead, she advocates for mastering one platform for connection, nurturing relationships, and converting leads effectively. This approach allows entrepreneurs to focus on the core elements of their business—adding value, building relationships, selling offers, and serving clients—without unnecessary complexity. By embracing the simplicity of available resources and leveraging social media platforms, entrepreneurs can establish and grow their businesses efficiently in the digital age.

Tarot Card Reading

The speaker concludes the session by drawing a tarot card, the Ace of Pentacles, as a way to provide insight and closure. The Ace of Pentacles symbolizes new beginnings, opportunities, and potential, particularly in the material realm such as finances, wealth, career, and physical health. It suggests the arrival of a new job offer, unexpected financial gains, business opportunities, or the realization of goals. While it brings a sense of prosperity and abundance, it also implies the need for action and effort on the part of the individual. The card serves as an invitation to seize the potential presented but emphasizes that success depends on one's actions and determination. Therefore, while the Ace of Pentacles signifies promising prospects, its fulfillment ultimately rests in the hands of the individual.

Charlett's Realization and Gratitude

In this segment, the speaker shares a personal experience of feeling a sense of misalignment in her business and life, despite everything appearing to be going well. She expresses feelings of agitation and uncertainty, unable to pinpoint the source of her discomfort. However, during a conversation, she realizes that she has been neglecting something she deeply enjoys: public speaking.

Reflecting on her corporate years, she recalls the joy and energy she experiences when speaking to audiences, whether through podcasting or live events. This revelation sparks a desire to further develop her speaking profile, aiming to engage in more in-person training and speaking opportunities, such as retreats. The speaker expresses gratitude for this newfound clarity, noting the synchronicity of the revelation occurring just before the conversation and the drawing of the tarot card. This realization brings a sense of alignment and purpose, highlighting the importance of honoring one's passions and strengths in navigating life and business decisions.


In conclusion, this podcast episode sheds light on the importance of recognizing and addressing feelings of misalignment, even when life seems to be going well. The speaker's journey of self-discovery highlights the significance of being kind to oneself and exploring underlying sources of discomfort. Through open dialogue and reflection, she rediscovers her passion for public speaking, realizing its profound impact on her energy and fulfillment. This realization serves as a reminder to honor one's innate talents and passions, even in the midst of success.

Additionally, the speaker's invitation to join her thriving community on Facebook and Instagram emphasizes the value of connection and collaboration in personal and professional growth. Through platforms like her feminine leadership Facebook group and weekly community calls, individuals are provided with opportunities to network, learn, and support one another. This serves as a testament to the power of community in fostering inspiration, motivation, and meaningful connections. Overall, the episode encourages listeners to embrace authenticity, pursue their passions, and actively engage in communities that uplift and empower them.

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