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Astrological Business Forecast for 12/21/23 - 3/19/24 with Joann Stoneberg from As The Planets Turn

business astrology for winter solstice 2023

Astrology Forecast for January 2024

Mercury is retrograde right now and it is, in the sign of Capricorn now. Mercury is all about communication, how we think, what we're thinking. Capricorn is all about moving a little slower, it's an Earth sign. Capricorn is all about business. So Mercury and Capricorn itself, without being retrograde, is great for focus. You can get those projects done and good for focus. It has gone retrograde in Capricorn, like I said. So that might be like "Ohh, I've got to get all these projects done. I gotta redo this. I don't like the details on that."

So you may find yourself sort of backpedaling a little bit with not being a hundred percent comfortable with what projects you have been working on or maybe going back to redoing things.

Retrogrades are all about re-words, redoing, relooking at things, reviewing, and going over all our notes of what we may be preparing for the New Year. During this retrograde period, mercury does go back into Sagittarius here a little bit on December twenty third so Sagittarius is a fire sign it's the mind might start going and there might be a bit of panic or chaos especially as Christmas is right around the corner.

So Mercury does go direct on January 1 In Sagittarius, Venus and Mars are also in Sagittarius at the beginning of the year as well. So Venus is our self-worth, our values, Mars is our drive, our motivation, and in Sagittarius it is all about our philosophies and our belief systems and how we want to tackle things. So at the beginning of the year, you know, in regards to your business, you may have all these thoughts and aspirations and goals as, as we often do at the beginning of January, you know, we set those intentions of what we want to accomplish.

You set all these intentions at the beginning of the year and they always end up petering out, right? And that may very well happen because as we go into January, all those three planets there, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, will start moving into the sign of Capricorn and Capricorn again will slow things down because it's coming from a fire sign.

All this motivation, this drive, and the Capricorn is like, all right, we're hitting slow, slow motion here again, right? Where's the focus? How come things are slowing down a little bit? So your motivation for the intentions you set in the new year might slow down. This is why people sort of peter out after two weeks. Because we're actually in a hibernation period right now, right?

We're in the dark of the night, we're in the dark of winter. So typically we really shouldn't set our intentions until spring when we have that energy, when all of a sudden everything picks up and we feel good. When you wake up in March at the spring equinox on March twenty-first.

The sun goes into Aries, it's the zero degrees of Aries, it's the starting point of the zodiac sign. So the spring equinox is actually when the new year starts in astrology. Your resolutions for the new year should actually start on March twenty-first rather than January 1.

So continuing on, over the last few months a lot of the planets have been in retrograde motion and they're starting to turn around. In December, we still have Jupiter, which is the big planet out there. Jupiter is all about our belief systems, our philosophies, and our adventures. And it's still retrograde until December thirty-first and it's in the sign of Taurus. Even though Jupiter is fire energy and Taurus is a slower energy, it's going to expand anything in our world materially that we may focus on. Jupiter is very neutral when it comes to expanding or contracting things in your world. It will expand whatever it is you're focusing on good, bad, or ugly, whatever it is, they're gonna expand it. So it's always about your mindset and changing your mindset around things.

So as we move more into January, Mars, Mercury and Venus all eventually move into Capricorn. So that helps us to have more focus.

Capricorn is the sign of business. The Sun is also in Capricorn still at that point. So it is a really, good time to still focus on those business goals. Anything that you've been working on, start putting it into practice that month and setting the tone for the rest of the year. So it can be a really good start to the year and Jupiter in Taurus as well, also gives us this.

Taurus is all about being practical and logical, getting real. You know, everything that we've dreamed of or want to manifest, we can Maybe make it a little easier to manifest that reality in January. So be patient with yourselves and just plug along. With earth signs, it's like 1 foot in front of the other, taking your time.

In January, we will have one planet left that is retrograde, which is Uranus. It is also in Taurus as well. So Uranus has been there for seven years already. And it's still there for another year and a half or so.

Uranus moves very slowly. It takes eighty-four years to go through all of the zodiac signs but Uranus is the planet that comes along and it will help you to transform things. It's the planet that likes to shake things up. Sometimes it creates havoc, but it likes to come along and break the norm of things. It likes to help you liberate from whatever you're stuck. So if you're still feeling like you're stuck in a rut, Uranus going in a forward direct motion by the end of January should help ease that a little bit.

Then on January 20, the Sun enters Aquarius. Aquarius is again all about that electric energy. Being unique, being individual. How can I be different from the norm? You know, when we're in a business, there's usually a lot of people that are in the same industry and it's like, how can I stand out and be different from everybody else? So the sun going into Aquarius on January 20, a week before Uranus goes direct, is helping us to come up with those ideas, to be innovative and be creative, to be ourselves, right, to stand out.

January 20 is a big day here. There is a lot about the planet Pluto right now, which is all about transformation. Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn since 2008 and as Pluto has been transitioning through Capricorn, it has been transforming everything about our structures in our world. As you have seen over the last two decades, it's transformed how we do business, how we communicate, how we travel, how we purchase things, all of our industries, our banking, our hospitals, our schools our education, everything. Pluto's come along and turned that all on its head and now as Pluto makes its transition into Aquarius it's very multi-layered. Pluto going into Aquarius, we're already seeing it is the technology, the technology out there is just off the charts.

Everything's technology, right? Everybody's on Zoom, everybody's using electronic everything, right? How we live is changing. And this is what Pluto is coming along to change. How are we living, how are we operating, and how are we dealing with our technology?

So we're probably going to see more changes in the technological world. So there is gonna be a lot of changes coming up with that through the years with Pluto in Aquarius for the next 20 years.

So business owners, if you're thinking like you're going to be doing it old school, you must well close shop up now because it's not going to happen. Either get on the bandwagon and get up with the technology or be infinitely wealthy and not bother with it.

Just recapping January a little bit. In the 1st part of January, you may feel very like let's go, let's go. And then things are gonna shift and maybe slow down a little bit. January may feel more go-with-the-flow, right? But as we start going into the end of January and into February, things might start getting a little tricky for you.

So in January, still put in the work, still put in the time, and still stay focused on what you're doing. Yes, look at all the opportunities. And then going into February and March, even though all the planets now in February and March will be in a direct forward motion, which allows a lot more ease and grace in a lot of ways, you know, we feel like all right, let's go. Yet the planetary alignments during that period also give us that motivation.

There may be challenges as well. So this is where there are a lot of people out there who are all about mindset, mindset, mindset, especially in business. If you have the mindset that oh whoa was me, nothing's working, that vibe you're putting out is going to come back. So it's putting out the vibe of yeah, this is going good, but it's not only thinking it, it's feeling it as well. So it's still focusing on self. This is why taking the period now with Uranus being retrograde, what is it you as a person in your own business, in your world need?

So in January, we have a new moon in Capricorn on January 11. So putting out those intentions as to what you want to have for practical, logical, and how you want to set things up for yourself in your world and your expectations that you want of yourself, but also being easier on yourself and realistic. Capricorn is all about being realistic, logical and practical. Earth energy. Then the full moon at the end of the month, January twenty-fifth, will be in Leo. Leo is that fun playful energy so yeah you might want to take that time to go and play and have fun. It is a very exciting energy and it's also a risk-taking energy as well, so watch the risk-taking during that period.

Astrology Forecast for February 2024

So as we head into February, Mercury goes into Aquarius. Mercury goes into Aquarius. Mercury, Venus and Mars, they kind of follow each other a little bit. They all transition into Aquarius during February. Mercury the 1st week of February. Venus towards the middle of February, as well as Mars towards the middle of February. So Aquarius, again, is that eclectic individual energy. How do I want to serve humanity as well? How do I want to Do I want to work individually? Do I want to work with the collective?

Aquarius is both individuality and working with the collective or working with groups. That is our motivation. Where do I want to? Where do I want to fit in? Where do? What's my desire, right? In working groups or individuality, or in your own individual self and Venus again is what do I value in my friendships? How do I value my friendships? How do I value my friendship and relationship with myself? As Mercury and Venus go into Aquarius.

That could be a little more of exciting energy. So that Mercury in Aquarius energy in February brings a little bit more ideas and things moving a little faster and it's like all of a sudden there's not enough time in the day to get things done.

The new moon in Aquarius is on February 9. The new moon in Aquarius is setting your intention going forward, where do I want to socialize? Where do I wanna fit in? How do I want to liberate myself from my old habits and behaviors? What do you wanna change, right? Aquarius is about change, so the energy of Aquarius will help with that.

The Sun goes into Pisces on February 18. Pisces energy is like I got to go up into my tree house and dream a little bit, and maybe break out my coloring books, and I'll come down out of my tree house when I'm ready. Mercury also goes into Pisces on february twenty third. Mercury is the mind, mercury is how we think. Pisces will allow that imagination. So what stories can we bring in how we relate to people? I know there's entrepreneurs out there who are teaching others how to tell their story. So mercury in Pisces is "how do I want to tell my story?". We're so caught up in living in the left brain, all the logical the practical. So let's take advantage of this period of mercury and Pisces from February twenty-third until March ninth. Mercury moves very quickly so it's only a couple of weeks or so. That two weeks there at the end of February through the beginning of March, take that time with mercury and Pisces to see what you can imagine.

The next day from February twenty-third when mercury goes into pieces, the full moon will be in Virgo on February twenty-fourth. Virgo is an earth sign, so that full moon likes to expand. Virgo might bring about a little bit of anxiety because it's like things aren't perfect. Oh, I gotta do things, I gotta organize, I gotta clean, I gotta blah, blah, blah, the list goes on. Discernment between dreaming in what you want and imagining what you want and bringing that into reality is important for the full moon in Virgo. So this is where it's about learning to be easy on yourself, but also discernment about what's real and what's not real and what you can bring into reality.

Astrology Forecast for March 2024

March 9 Mercury goes into Aries. So March 9 you'll come out of your tree house, back down, and hop on your skateboard and you're off and running. Mercury in Aries is all about let's go, let's go!

March 9 Mercury enters Aries and then on March 10 the new moon goes into Pisces and the sun is in Pisces as well and we're back into our tree house trying to figure things out again, what happened, how come I'm so confused?

Pisces can also brings us a little bit of confusion. Pisces is asking you to accept where you're at, go with the flow, and surrender to what is. You do that and all of a sudden things make sense. It's hard to describe but that's how that works.

March nine ten through eleventh are a few days to be aware of with your emotional self and you might feel like you're I'm not sure where I'm going or what I'm doing.

Then, on March 19, we come to the spring equinox. March 19 the sun goes into Aries, so as we talked about a little bit earlier, that's at zero degrees of Aries, which is actually the new year to do your resolutions when, when the bear comes out of its hibernation, right?

I invite you to try doing a resolution on March 19 versus on January 1 and see if you don't notice a difference with the motivation to keep it going for more than two or three weeks.

If you want to learn more about astrology, you can sign up for Joann's astrology classes here. She offers Level 1 classes for beginners on Tuesdays from January 9 to April 23, 2024 (16 wks) from 6:00 – 7:30 pm MST and Level 2 Basic Foundations classes on Mondays from January 8 to April 23, 2024 (16 wks) from 6:00 – 7:30 pm MST.

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