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Nervous System Regulation for High-Performing Women 

Nervous System Regulation for High Performing Women

In this illuminating episode, Corene, a hypnotherapist and executive coach, shares her expertise in guiding high-performing women toward success in both careers and businesses. Central to her approach is the emphasis on maintaining a regulated nervous system, achieved through hypnotherapy, executive coaching, and breathwork to tackle subconscious blocks and health-related issues. Corene introduces Heart Rate Variability (HRV) as a vital measure of nervous system strength, aligning her mission with helping women achieve outstanding results while rooted in tranquility.

The conversation delves into the challenges of setting ambitious goals without succumbing to stress-induced tension, with Corene explaining the consequences of a dysregulated nervous system. Drawing from her journey transitioning from luxury real estate to entrepreneurship, she highlights the pivotal moment of realizing a misalignment with her true purpose and underscores the autonomy of running her own business.

This episode provides a compelling preview of a deeper exploration into nervous system regulation for high-performing women, promising valuable insights for those navigating the intricate balance of success, well-being, and personal fulfillment. Corene's expertise, coupled with her narrative, creates a compelling narrative that unveils the transformative power of achieving peace and ease in the pursuit of ambitious goals.

The common barriers and fears that clients face when working with you

In an illuminating segment of the podcast, Corene shares success stories, highlighting the transformative journey of her client Kate. Kate, who left a lucrative job at a hedge fund, joined Corene's mastermind and, within six months, replaced her entire salary by pursuing her passion for personal styling. Corene unpacks the pivotal role fear played in Kate's journey, detailing moments where the fear of failure tempted her to revert to a conventional job. By guiding Kate to overcome these fears and wholeheartedly commit to her entrepreneurial pursuit, Corene witnessed a remarkable achievement – Kate replaced her annual income in a mere six months.

Another recent client, within three months of working with Corene, experienced a remarkable 127% increase in her Q3 numbers. Corene emphasizes the significance of addressing internal blocks and fears that hinder the execution of strategies. She highlights the paradox where the strategies that brought initial success might not be the ones to propel further growth. By removing internal barriers, clients like the one in this case study witnessed remarkable shifts, not just in business strategy but also in tangible results reflected in their bank accounts. Corene emphasizes the transformative power of overcoming fear and internal blocks, demonstrating that success often begins with addressing and conquering these internal obstacles.

How your clients have experienced growth and success through your coaching and breathwork

Corene delves into the success stories of her clients, illustrating the transformative power of overcoming fear and internal blocks. One standout example is Kate, who bravely left her position at a hedge fund to pursue her passion for personal styling. Joining Corene's mastermind, Kate, guided by Corene, overcame the pervasive fear of failure and the temptation to revert to a conventional job. The result was astonishing – within just six months, Kate not only replaced her previous salary but also achieved an unprecedented level of success in her personal styling business. Corene emphasizes the pivotal role of addressing fear and fully committing to one's passion, showcasing that remarkable results can unfold when individuals conquer their internal barriers.

Another noteworthy case involves a recent client who, within three months of collaboration with Corene, experienced a remarkable 127% increase in their Q3 numbers. Corene underscores the importance of adapting strategies, challenging the notion that what worked in the past will always lead to future success. The client's success story becomes a testament to the profound impact of removing internal blocks and fear, demonstrating that executing strategies with confidence and addressing hidden fears can lead to substantial growth. Corene's insights shed light on the nuanced relationship between strategy execution, fear management, and tangible outcomes, with the transformative effects often reflected in the client's financial achievements.

Advice for new or struggling practitioners in their business

In a pivotal discussion, Corene urges practitioners to break free from the cycle of replicating someone else's business strategy, emphasizing the need to focus on creating an authentic version of success. She advocates stepping back and understanding what success means on a personal level, asserting that this introspection leads to the development of a unique, magnetic signature that distinguishes one's business. Corene stresses that authenticity is the key differentiator, making it easier to attract individuals into one's world by simply being oneself. This perspective aligns with the notion that genuine, individualized approaches are more sustainable and fruitful in the long run, allowing practitioners to not only be true to themselves but also generate income authentically.

The conversation expands to touch upon the prevalence of replication and copycatting, particularly in the health and wellness space. Corene and the host agree on the importance of authenticity, highlighting that while competition exists, being true to oneself attracts the right audience. The discussion underscores the nuance and depth often overlooked when replicating others' strategies. Corene points out that what appears on the surface might lack the intricacies responsible for others' success, leading to confusion when results aren't replicated. This insight forms a crucial aspect of Corene's advice, encouraging practitioners to embrace their authenticity, understanding that true success lies not in emulation but in the unique aspects that make their approach genuine and effective.


In conclusion, the exploration of nervous system regulation for high-performing women, guided by Corene, unfolds as a transformative journey balancing personal well-being with professional success. Kate's rapid transformation, replacing her salary in just six months, becomes emblematic of the profound impact of conquering internal fears and wholeheartedly pursuing one's passion. Corene's insights showcase the incredible power of overcoming fear, unlocking untapped potential, and achieving remarkable results.

The call to authenticity resonates as a guiding principle, challenging the prevalent trend of replicating others' strategies. Corene's wisdom encourages practitioners to craft their unique paths, understanding that success is deeply personal and cannot be borrowed or copied. This perspective serves as a beacon for those navigating the complexities of high-performance environments, offering a refreshing approach rooted in individuality and self-discovery.

As we traverse the dynamic landscape of success, Corene's insights remain a guiding light, reminding us that true success stems from within, and the journey is as vital as the destination.

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