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The best morning routine for the most productive day

Before I established my morning routine, I struggled hard with a lack of efficiency throughout my workday, ultimately turning me into a bundle of stress by the end of the day (hello jaw clenching).

Mornings looked like me immediately sitting down to my computer screen (Breakfast? Shower? Who needs em?)

Or procrastinating by distracting myself with mundane tasks and feeling heaps behind by the time I finally go to work.

Here’s the thing, I know everyone talks about morning routines and routines in general. But it’s for good reason! Because if you don’t prioritize self-care and routines that fill up your cup, you will only be pouring from a cup half full and your work and productivity will reflect that.

This realization is what completely transformed the way I feel about my business and the way I am able to show up for it 100% day after day.

And this isn’t just my experience, it’s also deeply impacted so many of my clients and is a topic I get asked about frequently.

And because you’re here, I know you’re interested. So let’s dive into this kick-ass morning routine!

⏰6:30 Wake Up

Timing has everything to do with your personal preferences and goals for the day. For me, I’m a morning person. Nothing makes me feel quite as alive as an early morning with a day full of potential and a warm mug of coffee.

I also find the time of year can affect this timing. When the sun comes up earlier in the summer I sometimes find myself up before the 6 o’clock hour. However, winters sometimes have me sleeping in a bit longer than usual.

I really strive to wake up before or without an alarm wherever possible but this also requires an early bedtime and sticking to my schedule consistently. One late weekend night and everything seems to go out the door.

When an alarm is essential, I try to wake up to something less jarring like some happy music, and try to bounce out of bed as quickly as possible. I find the longer I lay in bed, the harder it is to get up and the less energy I have moving forward.

🌊6:45 Hydrate

As an entrepreneur in the health and wellness space, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you about the importance of hydration. Personally, I’m obsessed. The start of each morning involves at least 16 ounces of water with LMNT electrolytes (if you haven’t tried these yet I highly recommend!), followed by about 2 ounces of aloe vera juice on an empty stomach for some tummy love ♥️

🍳7:00 Nourish

For me, there are 3 things that will surely ruin my day: dehydration, imbalanced blood sugar, and diving into my computer screen and artificial light first thing in the morning. You’ll see that my morning routine ensures balance in all 3 of these areas.

Breakfast for me, always involves a heavy focus on protein and some healthy fats to really set my blood sugar up for success for the day. When my blood sugar is stable, my focus and productivity follow suit. Some of my favorites include a beat and berry smoothie with beef isolate protein powder, coconut milk, and 2 raw eggs or some sausages and veggies.

While eating, I make my morning coffee.

🌞7:30 Sunshine and Movement

This addition to my morning routine has been incredibly impactful to my energy and anxiety levels.

After breakfast, I grab my coffee and my two dogs and head out of the house to move my body and get some sun on my face.

In the summer and warmer months, this movement is a hike up the trail behind our house. It’s less than two miles but has a bit of elevation gain. Just the perfect intensity to get my heart rate up a bit but still enjoy the nature around me.

Winter looks a little different, usually a morning walk coupled with a bit of strength training or a quick cross-country ski. And sometimes the time has to be modified to a bit later for those late winter sunrises.

🚿8:10 Clean Up

Next, it’s time to shower and get ready for the day!

Or at least I try lol. Some mornings I still skip the shower or opt for a bath later on. A messy bun and sweats just hit the spot some days as an entrepreneur. But I will say I always feel so much better about myself and my productivity on the days I take the time to prioritize getting ready.

📅8:30 Schedule and Reflection

Before jumping into my day, I take the time to write down my to-do list and reflect on my calendar. I choose 3-5 things from the list that are top priority for the day and schedule out times to complete each of those tasks.

After reflecting on my schedule, I like to include some form of reflection and gratitude practice to get my mind right for the day. For me, this includes a tarot card pull and some reflection on how far I’ve come and the things I need to do to reach my goals and continue to create the business of my dreams.

💻8:45 Get the Day Rolling

Now it’s time to dive into the day and start knocking off to-do’s!

Alright friend, now that you’ve stalked my morning routine, you can stalk the rest of my day by following me on IG. I’ll take you BTS of my workday and the fun outdoor adventures that you can find me on in my free time!

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