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Using Astrology and Colors in Business

In this conversation, I chatted with Laura Ordile about how she uses astrology and color coaching to help aid other entrepreneurs in their businesses.

Laura is a certified NLP practitioner and master hypnotist, as well as a professional intuitive and astrologer. She uses that unique combination of skills to help you tap into the success of big changes you want in your life quickly and easily, and you get to hold onto your sanity and soul as you go! As a Mindset Mentor, she knows that when you change your mind, you’ll change your life. And she does that with a mix of the practical and the woo in a way that is designed specifically for you! She lives in Montana with her family where she enjoys the sadly short, but amazingly beautiful summers and watches as much Star Trek as possible to make it through the winters.

Tune in to hear about Laura's journey into starting her business and how she helps clients today. Along with how astrology and your birth chart help to shape your life path, career, strengths, and weaknesses. And how you can use colors to support both you and your business.

If you are interested in learning more about how each color can support you, check out Laura’s free color energy guide

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